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Cxun adheres to green production as the premise of development, and actively uses low-carbon, energy-saving and environment-friendly solar power generation equipment. Spend a lot of money to build 12500 cubic meters of "submerged water treatment pool", continuously carry out wastewater treatment, extract waste residue from submerged water, manufacture ecological bricks, recycle water resources, do not discharge, do not leak, and protect the ecology of the park. Cxun practices the development concept of green environmental protection and strictly implements the global health, safety, environmental protection and quality (HSEQ) management requirements in the production process. Green factory, green product, green park and green supply chain are the main goals of green manufacturing system.



Give back to the society with love and be a warm enterprise. As an enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility, Zhongxun group has always been a practitioner of public welfare. New rural construction project, hope primary school, focus on disaster areas, set up employee mutual fund, we actively participate in social welfare, return to society, send warmth and care to more people in need.
In 2008, 5 million yuan was invested in the construction of CHEHE hope primary school in Sanbao Town, Cenxi City, Guangxi, in order to improve the level of teachers and the quality of teaching and improve the living environment of teachers and students.


After 27 years of hard work, Cxun Holding Group Co., Ltd. has accumulated a lot and developed rapidly. Cxun industry is involved in six major sectors: new energy and new materials, mining development, industrial investment, real estate development, international trade and chemical R & D. with new materials as the core industry, Cxun has always maintained its industrial vitality, created social value and led the world in surface materials.


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