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CXUN quartz table maintenance is relatively simple. As the quartz mesa is composed of high-quality quartz sand and polymer materials, it is void free and has good chemical resistance, scratch resistance and stain resistance. Maintenance does not need waxing and polishing, and the products can meet the requirements of hotel and kitchen table.
Daily care
Under normal circumstances, the table can only be wiped with warm water and Hefei soap. The polished quartzite table is empty, so no other surface treatment is needed to avoid the penetration of wine, edible oil, coffee, etc. In most cases, wipe with soapy water to keep the surface clean. Then, wash with clean water and wipe with dry cloth to avoid the regeneration of stains. When liquid and food contact the table during cooking, handle immediately.
For stubborn stains
Remove the residue with a dry rag. For cooking liquid, food and stubborn stains should be removed with a knife or cleaning pad. It is forbidden to use methylene chloride and any detergent containing alkaline substance.
Heat resistance
Although quartz is more heat-resistant than other mesa materials, all mesa materials will fracture because of the drastic change of temperature, especially in the edge part. It is for this reason that the insulation pad and the insulation tripod can better protect the surface of the table.
Scratch resistance
Quartz is more scratch resistant than other table materials. Then, avoid knife, drill or other sharp things directly touching the table. Avoid cutting or chopping on the table. Use a backing plate before cutting.
Chemical resistance
Avoid detergent containing rosin oil, which will leave rosin oil. Rosin oil can adsorb the dust on the surface, which will eventually lead to the reduction of the surface cleanliness of quartz. Avoid highly irritating cleaners such as cleaning oven, grill, high alkaline tableware cleaning brightener (pH 8.5) Avoid any cleaner with hard and soft abrasive particles or abrasives; avoid cleaner with xylene, toluene, potassium hydroxide and caustic soda; avoid color cleaner with dichloromethane and trichloroethane and furniture cleaner

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