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Cxun always adheres to the core concept of quality first and continuous improvement. Every piece of product is the pursuit of art, every design is the emotional transmission of master art, and every excellent work is the infinite love of life. Cxun takes "quality, life" as its product design concept to provide comfortable experience for more and more young people who pursue high-quality life.
Cxun has the right to develop large-scale mineral resources in the industry, which enables us to grasp the opportunity and ensure the high-quality resource base of surface products. The supply of high-quality raw materials and the input of sufficient raw materials have laid the strength and value of Cxun and achieved the high quality and high standard of Cxun products.


The whole industry chain

From small to big, from weak to strong, from unknown to famous, Cxun's development and achievements benefit from its ambition and cooperation. Insight into the first opportunity to build a large-scale composite base material production base, as well as the independent research and development of six groups of integrated composite crushing equipment provide us with strong strength support. At the same time, the collection of multi experience, timely and effective supply of raw materials, fully realize the high-speed operation of the industrial chain.
Cxun adheres to the concept of focusing on professional product research and development, from the purchase of high-quality mines, selection of environmental protection high-quality quartz sand, merger and acquisition of high-grade resin manufacturing enterprises, and introduction of environmental protection resin. To ensure the high quality of Cxun products.


Efficient production

We have invested a lot to build "jumbo" quartz production base, build five modern workshops with an average area of more than 100 mu, and have the largest warehouse and logistics center in Asia. The introduction of international top equipment, to create a hundred sets of quartz press, quartz industry to achieve the legendary annual output, automatic intelligent production, to achieve sustainable production. For the huge needs of global customers to establish a strong guarantee.


Change and Sustainability

As a pioneer of the times, Cxun has always participated in the change with a new force. Unswerving mission and commitment, focusing on artificial stone, With foresight and courage, wisdom and courage, promote a more efficient 4.0 fully automatic quartz production line, from feeding, mixing, wax coating, die casting, drying and other 26 fully automatic precision production processes, all adopt intelligent fully automatic production equipment, strengthen production efficiency, strive to create excellent quality products, let the pace of change towards the future continue to accelerate, and jointly encourage the future of the times.


Production support

Packaging: according to the market demand, the printing factory customizes the packaging of different sizes of panels to meet the personalized needs of the market.
Printing: introduce printing equipment to update the latest product data in real time. High salary to hire professional and technical personnel, printing technology up to the domestic professional level.
Can making: different containers are customized according to different proportions, which is more conducive to production and operation. The containers can be professionally cared and reused to reduce operating costs.
Glue: customized different types of plastic adhesive containers, in line with international standards.
Template: according to the market demand, we can customize different shapes and sizes of stone samples.
Transportation and distribution team: professional training, professional team, to ensure the minimum loss of each batch of transportation.



Cxun believes in the magic of innovation, firmly believes in the charm of innovation, and can create unexpected surprises by inadvertent collision of thoughts. Therefore, we insist on the combination of market, product and R & D, establish a partnership with Duffy company in New York, and establish a research center with well-known universities, enterprises and institutions, hoping to change the product quality through innovation. Facts have proved that Cxun's innovation concept is correct, because we have always been in the forefront of the world, with the pace of keeping pace with the times, increasing product types and gradually improving the performance and quality of every user.
Cxun quartz breaks through the high-end supporting market, breaks the industrial boundary, gathers the strength of ecology, and creates a perfect business form with win-win situation. In 2021, Cxun quartzite has reached strategic cooperation with high-end customized home furnishing enterprises such as opal cabinet, Zhibang cabinet, Shangpin home furnishing, and holidaymaker. With high-quality products and first-class services, Cxun quartzite has attracted the attention of large real estate enterprises such as poly real estate and time China real estate. It has reached cooperation to realize strong alliance and win-win development.


After 27 years of hard work, Cxun Holding Group Co., Ltd. has accumulated a lot and developed rapidly. Cxun industry is involved in six major sectors: new energy and new materials, mining development, industrial investment, real estate development, international trade and chemical R & D. with new materials as the core industry, Cxun has always maintained its industrial vitality, created social value and led the world in surface materials.


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