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Cxun quartz is a brand with high quality
With the arrival of 315 consumer rights day, quality has become a hot topic again. Looking back on the development of China's artificial stone industry for more than 20 years, great progress has been made in process technology, and the industry is becoming more and more mature. However, in recent years, the price war has become increasingly fierce, and many manufacturers sacrifice quality for cost, which leads to a mixed product quality. Today, with the increasing awareness of consumer rights protection, only by putting quality first can we win the favor of the majority of consumers. Since its establishment, Zhongxun quartz always adheres to the persistent quality requirements, is almost strict with the products, and is dedicated to creating the best quality products for consumers to meet the increasing consumer demand. Quality 315, Zhongxun quartzite with strength to speak, fulfill the consistent quality promise, let more consumers witness Zhongxun quartzite brand charm. Zhongxun took the lead in purchasing the mining rights of large mineral resources, selecting high-quality quartz sand, acquiring high-grade resin manufacturing enterprises, and using environmental protection resin to realize the whole process intelligent production of products. The supply of high-quality raw materials and the input of sufficient raw materials have laid the strength and value of Zhongxun and achieved the high quality and high standard of Zhongxun products.   Zhongxun own mine   Resin production equipment   Automatic production line As the pioneer of the times, Zhongxun has always focused on making artificial stone, promoting a more efficient 4.0 fully automatic quartz production line. From the feeding, mixing, waxing, die casting, drying and other 26 automatic and precise production processes, all adopt intelligent automatic production equipment to strengthen production efficiency and strive to create excellent and high-quality products. All material mixing system   Vacuum vibrating press   Polishing system   Zhongxun large board intelligent production line Healthy home has become one of the hot spots of consumers' attention. Since the reform and opening up, people's living standards have been improving. In order to ensure the quality of life, we should live comfortably and healthily.   Green Park   Submerged system   Environmental protection brick Zhongxun has invested heavily in building water circulation system, built 12500 cubic meters of submerged water treatment pool, recycled industrial water, extracted waste residue from submerged water, manufactured ecological bricks, and realized zero discharge. 太阳能发电设备   Production of manipulator equipment   Product quality inspection area Zhongxun insists on considering production from the perspective of green environmental protection. It is the first to create a pure pipeline material conveying system, adopt a mixing procedure combining planetary revolution and autobiography principle, introduce a Juli press with a total pressure of 1000t and a radical force of 800t, equip it with a full-automatic constant temperature oven and a new type of patented polishing equipment, and properly integrate equipment, environmental protection, health and quality. Global recognition of high quality After a long time of unremitting efforts, Zhongxun has successively passed NSF (National Health Foundation) safety standard certification, CE certification, SGS certification, UKAS (Royal Accreditation Council) and other world-class recognition.   Eight advantages and ten quality assurance   Maintenance and maintenance of quartz     Five tips to tell you the true Zhongxun 01 purchase Zhongxun products from Zhongxun authorization center and check the authorization certificate of the merchant 02 require businesses to fill in Zhongxun product brand series, product name, model and other information in the contract or bill 03 check the bottom inkjet At the bottom of each piece of quartz produced by Zhongxun, the corresponding product inkjet code is attached according to different brand series (as shown in the figure below). 04 verify fake label Every product of Zhongxun is printed with anti-counterfeiting label, and the verification code can be obtained by scraping the gray coating on the label. The customer needs to scan the QR code to enter the page verification, and the verification is successful only when the verification code is consistent( Note: the anti-counterfeiting code is only used once, and it should be verified in advance, not after processing.) 05 telephone website inquiry Tel: 400-614-7199 SMS query: 106695882108 Website query: Stick to quality, more than 315! In the future, Zhongxun quartzite will live up to the expectations of the public. With better products and more intimate services, Zhongxun quartzite will understand the needs of users, build what users enjoy, and give users a better lif
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To conquer the road ahead, we will be prosperous in the future!
New year, new starting point! On February 27, 2021, the 16th of the first month, Cxun group held the lion awakening ceremony. The roar of firecrackers ushered in Cxun group's "good start" in 2021, implying that 2021 will be prosperous, business will be prosperous, financial resources will be abundant, and goods will rotate. All Cxun people are ready, Cxun group's conquest road is officially opened!           The group's chairman and general manager make the lion's eyes clear, the lion's eyes are golden, the silver is shining, the forehead is two, the lion's mouth is three, the wealth is abundant. TuRui, the lion, is the source of prosperity!           2021 start of worship ceremony         In front of the gate of Cxun office building, with the sound of blessing and laughter, the company receives the construction work in an orderly manner. A good start is the company's annual tradition. It not only means a good start in the new year, but also Cxun's deep blessing and expectation for every employee. I wish you a prosperous, prosperous, safe and good luck in the New Year!         Lion dance team enters the office building to meet qingnafu and deliver good luck, which means good luck and prosperity of Cxun business.             All employees of Cxun group have returned to their posts and are full of energy. I believe that in the new year, all Cxun people will do their best, always keep in mind the development mission, and strive for the future of Cxun group. In 2021, Cxun's business will rise step by step, and the year of the ox will be even better!
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Ride the wind and break the waves
On January 22, 2021, the annual summing up meeting and annual dinner of Cxun group were held in Heshan, Guangdong Province. Mr. Qin Wei, chairman of Cxun group, and Mr. Qin Yong, general manager of Cxun group, together with the management team, participated in the grand meeting and worked out the development path of Cxun in 2021 under the background of cross-border integration and profound changes in the industry.   At 1 pm on that day, Cxun group's 2020 annual summary meeting was held in the conference hall on the 5th floor of Cxun office building. The meeting mainly summarized the work of each department in 2020, and provided new thinking for the new ideas of carrying out the work in 2021, formulated the annual department plan, and worked hard in 2021!     The chairman of the board delivered the theme report of "doing 2021"   He said: "the turbulent year 2020 has passed. Facing the epidemic situation of the century and the changing situation of the century, under the severe internal and external challenges and difficulties, Cxun has made great progress and achieved certain gratifying results. This is due to our comprehensive review of the epidemic situation and the continuous changes in the "time" and "trend" of national policies, high requirements, practice of the "strict" and "practical" work style and attitude, scientific grasp of the "stable" and "progressive" market strategy and production layout, and actively carry out the "broken" and "established" channel development and product innovation. All these efforts converge the common wisdom of all employees. "   General manager issues 2021 task       Looking back on 2020, we will work together to fight against the epidemic, face challenges and make progress; In the face of 2021, we ride the wind and waves, set sail and forge ahead. Keeping pace with the times, "those who know current affairs are outstanding". In the post epidemic era, we are better at judging the situation and are not afraid to face unknown challenges. Insisting on production, focusing on implementation and ensuring high-quality production, we need innovation and science, and strive for progress while maintaining stability. Our aim is to provide customers with green and environmental friendly "intelligent manufacturing" quartz stone. Cxun takes actions to take you to enjoy quality life with products!     At 6 p.m. that day, Cxun group's annual 2020 dinner was held in Wangge fishing village, Heshan, Guangdong Province. Bid farewell to 2020 with good wine and good food, and make a good start to 2021 with laughter!   Wang Xiaochun's "review 2020, prospect 2021" ppt explanation   Manager Qin Junhua makes a blessing   Chairman Qin Wei makes a toast   Mr. Qin Wei, chairman of Cxun group, made a toast for the annual dinner of the Chinese Communist Youth League: he expressed his heartfelt thanks to the hardworking, brave and hard-working Cxun people in 2020. He said that in 2020, with the joint efforts of all Cxun people and under the epidemic situation, Cxun will make steady progress in the face of challenges and usher in new opportunities. No matter in the product, brand, channel and management are on a new level. Cxun people unite and help each other, the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain work together, Cxun will win more fruitful results in 2021!   The lucky man of the grand prize   The lucky one with the first prize   Second prize winner   Third prize winner       All Cxun family members gathered together to share the feast. Work hard in 2021 -- Cxun group's annual dinner officially started in the full house of jubilation. The first cup of good wine, farewell to the unique, full of "magic" 2020, look forward to and meet the opportunities and challenges of 2021. With the laughter and the delicious food, there are only a thousand cups of wine for friends, so we can push the cup to taste the wine, which will bring the atmosphere of the reunion night of Cxun people to the climax.   "There will be times when the wind blows through the waves and the clouds sail straight to the sea". In 2020, we will face the difficulties and make great achievements. In the brand-new year of 2021, we will go against the wind and work hard to create more brilliance!  
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Cxun quartz fish belly white series
Personality, texture and high quality are the decoration standards pursued by contemporary consumers. They always pursue a more quality life and advocate the lifestyle of "beauty first". A good choice of stone can make the appearance of the whole home several times higher. Cxun quartz new Fishbelly white series has high color value, high quality and more fashionable, which aims to bring more style products to the life pursuers who pursue high quality life. Fish belly white series is suitable for all kinds of styles and can be used in home design to light up the whole space. Monet white Monet white is the face value of the whole fish belly white series. The pure white texture is flowing with the silk gray lines, restoring the unique texture of the real stone, making the visual effect of the product more flexible. The noble white system exudes soft and romantic comfort everywhere, which makes people intoxicated. Oriental White Oriental White creates another path in color selection, taking white as the base tone, and embellishing white in the appropriate position, so as to harmonize and achieve the overall force of space, so as to create a high-end and tasteful living state. Lauren King A fine white line and gold line, brilliant highlights noble, mellow and steady, with the breath of mysterious aristocracy. Still color increases the luxury texture, and also creates a kind of connotation and comfortable life aesthetic feeling. Laurenkin will make the whole space more elegant and unique. Geometric black The black texture in geometric black brings us different visual experience, stable walls have more gravity sense, natural stone texture is not only elegant but also very attractive, and a new route with a calm and introverted and modern sense is developed. Grey impression The quiet gray in the impression gray is like the vast boundless sea of clouds, which gives people a kind of relaxed and happy comfort and peace. The exquisite texture depicts the noble temperament of stone. Greyish white root The combination of gray white and black gray lines makes the details look rich and natural, wild but not messy, which is a natural charm. It has a minimalist side, but also contains luxury. Cxun quartz fish belly white series, each of which has crisscross texture, distinct level, simple fashion and monotony. Cxun quartz fish belly white series is suitable for all kinds of places. Will be able to meet the pursuit of personality life for you.  
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We warmly welcome president Zhang and his party from the furniture decoration industry association of all China Federation of industry and commerce to visit Cxun
Under the epidemic situation, the Pan home furnishing industry has generated various crises. We still maintain the attitude of communication and collision, listen to more voices from the outside world, and let ourselves firmly grasp the trend of big home furnishing and obtain more opportunities. On April 6, 2020, president Zhang and his party of furniture decoration industry chamber of Commerce of all China Federation of industry and Commerce visited Guangdong Cxun New Material Co., Ltd. for exchange and guidance. Mr. Qin Wei, chairman of Cxun, and Mr. Gan Senqiang, sales director, warmly received them. The third on the right is Mr. Qin, chairman of Cxun, and the fourth on the right is Mr. Zhang Chuanxi, President of furniture decoration chamber of Commerce of all China Federation of industry and commerce Under the epidemic situation, products keep improving     On behalf of Cxun, Mr. Qin, chairman of the board, extended a warm welcome to president Zhang and his party   President Zhang and his party visited Cxun quartz exhibition hall, and Mr. Qin personally explained Cxun's product advantages to the delegation of furniture decoration industry chamber of Commerce of all China Federation of industry and commerce. Cxun quartzite has a soft surface luster, and the characteristics of the pattern atmosphere have also been highly praised. During the visit and exchange, president Zhang and his party deepened their understanding of Cxun products in the application of cabinet countertops, and had a deeper understanding of the hardness and reprocessing of Cxun quartzite. They expressed more expectations for the application of Cxun quartzite in home decoration. Under the epidemic situation, production was stable Visit Cxun production workshop. Environmental protection and dust-free, product technology is meticulous, production is orderly, everyone left a deep impression on the workshop. Many changes have taken place in the home furnishing industry under the epidemic situation. Cxun has taken into account the epidemic prevention and control, as well as the resumption of work and production, so as to ensure the technological level of products. President Zhang and his party expressed great interest in the production performance of Cxun during the epidemic period. In the product exhibition hall, president Zhang and his party deeply understood the situation of Cxun's surface materials, personally observed the patterns of various surface materials, and cordially communicated with Mr. Qin, chairman of Cxun, about the impact of the epidemic on the home furnishing industry. In the face of increasingly mature information technology and escalating consumer demand, the epidemic forced all Pan home furnishing industry to seriously think about the future. How to seize the window of the times change is one of the core of today's public communication. President Zhang expressed more expectations for Cxun's future development and highly affirmed Cxun's epidemic prevention and control and production in 2020. Then on the impact of the epidemic changes in the home industry, president Zhang Cxun to give strong guidance. Continuous spring rain, can not stop the thought set sail. I would like to thank Zhang Chuanxi, President of furniture decoration industry association of all China Federation of industry and commerce, for his visit and guidance. I would also like to thank Zhang for his recognition and expectation of Cxun's work.       Under the epidemic situation, ensure the products and guarantee the future Cxun quartzite is not only suitable for tabletop, but also can be in direct contact with food. Cxun quartzite has a complete range of products, super hardness, scratch and crack resistance, anti pollution and flame retardant, beautiful texture, green environmental protection. Cxun was the first to pass the NSF American Health Foundation Association, CE, SGS international authority certification. As a participant in the compilation of national quartz industry standards, Cxun will adhere to the & lt; Yue & middot; Enjoy quality life & quot; With the concept of advanced design, combined with the front-end design elements of the world trend, we provide high-quality surface materials for the majority of consumers to meet the needs of customers to enjoy their home life.
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After 27 years of hard work, Cxun Holding Group Co., Ltd. has accumulated a lot and developed rapidly. Cxun industry is involved in six major sectors: new energy and new materials, mining development, industrial investment, real estate development, international trade and chemical R & D. with new materials as the core industry, Cxun has always maintained its industrial vitality, created social value and led the world in surface materials.


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